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Best Custom Made Sheepskin Seat Covers

Win a pair of Australia’s best custom made sheepskin seat covers!

Did you know real natural sheepskin is one of the best material you can get to cover your seats for all year round comfort?

Here are the reasons why:
  • Comfortable Ride - Sheepskin is a natural insulator thus keeps you cool on hot days, and warm on cold days.
  • Australian Sourced & Made - 100% locally sourced A-Grade Sheepskins and made in our factory in Thornton
  • Refined Luxury - Ultra-soft, dense 25mm sheepskin wool for supreme comfort.
  • Excellent Durability - Hard-wearing styles that will last for years and years.
  • Uncompromising Quality - Sheepskins treated by the finest tanning processes coupled with hand-crafted care.
  • Thoughtful Design – Does not interfere with the existing features of your vehicles seats such as deployment of side impact airbags, electric seat movements, adjustable head rests, arm rests, and rear seat split-folds.
  • Safety First - Your seat covers will not interfere with the deployment of side impact airbags, this is assured through our innovative construction.
  • Fatigue Reducing – Long journeys can be less tiring, your back will thank you.
  • Professional Installation – Better fit means minimal movement of seat covers and greater seat and upholstery protection.
  • Low Maintenance – Your seat covers will serve you, not the other way round, and this is achieved through quality materials, tailored designs, and superb fitting.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - Peace of mind with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and 3 years materials warranty on custom made seat covers, 1 year materials warranty on multi fit seat covers.
  • User Friendly - Easy to remove, and are both machine washable and dry cleanable. How convenient!

For your chance to win, go to our Facebook post here and show us a photo of your car and let us know why you should win.

Winners drawn on the 18th Dec 2019 and you can get them fitted in time for Christmas. Deluxe Sheepskin Seat Covers are $695/pr for standard front seats.

Buy Local, Buy Australian Made.

You'll get better quality and peace of mind knowing that your money is supporting the Australian economy.


Check out more about our seat covers here

Terms and Conditions of U Beaut Custom Seat Cover Giveaway.

This comp has nothing to do with Facebook, Inc. If you have a problem with this comp whinge to us not to Facebook cause Facebook can't and won't help you.

This is a game of skill! Seriously it really is. Enter by following the instructions above, the instructions are not hard but still many will ignore 😜

The winner will be chosen by Tony and our other judge of panelists which are yet to be chosen. We may drag people off the street kicking and screaming if need be (us kicking and screaming probably not them) to be our judges. In any case the winner will be announced Wednesday 18th December.

The winner will be the one that makes our judges laugh, cringe, cry or whatever tickles their fancy so be creative but don’t use foul language (we have our foul language blocks on, so don’t try)

The winner will win a pair of our famous and fabulous CUSTOM MADE DELUXE SEAT COVERS valued at $695 (2 standard bucket seats) made especially at our Thornton factory. That’s right Australia 🇦🇺 made ... who would have thunk it!

Winner will have to be able to bring their vehicle to our factory at Thornton and leave with us at least 4 hours whilst we pattern, make and fit these seat covers. This is NOT negotiable, we must have the vehicle so if you’re the winner and your vehicle is in Timbuktu or Woop Woop ... oh well tough! You’ve missed out 😳

Winner will need to book vehicle in at factory. If you want them before Christmas 🎄 you can book in Thursday 19th, Friday 20th or Monday 23rd only. If you want to wait until after Christmas 🎄 it’ll be booked in after Monday 20th January. If that doesn’t suit ... tough! 😳

Winner agrees to us telling everyone thru Facebook that you have won so people can congratulate you in the comments .. they really want to write "Bugger .. I didn't win" but they restrain themselves.

Winner to contact us within 48 hours after announcement to claim prize.

Unclaimed prize or incorrect entries (like that's going to happen anyway) - oh well tough, there's always next time 😉

Entry open to all Facebookers aged 13 plus (cause that's the minimum age for facebook right? 🤔) - ask permission from parent to enter. Not that a 13 yo has a car but it’ll be a pretty awesome Xmas pressie for your long suffering parents, will certainly score points with them to carry for a long long time and use against in future negotiations 😁

Entry open to any region where the winner can bring their 🚗 to us.

Employees cannot enter (soz we still love and appreciate ya tho)

Employees families can enter if we don't know you, if ya win tell your employee relative to shhhh.

Just because it is your birthday 🎂 doesn't elevate your entry (soz)

Winners from previous comps can enter this one - sometimes lightning 🌩 does strike twice!

We love to run this comp just because we can - don't ruin it by giving us, winner or entrants grief.

Our judges decision is final based upon whatever criterion we feel like at the time - no we can't be bribed but will be happy to accept gifts of spirits (the drinking type not the creepy type) - won't improve your chances of winning but it can't hurt to try 😀

By entering you accept these terms and conditions.


Best Custom Made Sheepskin Seat Covers