Seat Covers

Mortels Sheepskin Factory have been making sheepskin seat covers since 1978 and are known for their expertise in producing comfortable, durable and luxurious seat covers for all types of vehicles.

If you can drive, ride, fly or operate it, and it has a seat, Mortels® can cover it.


Mortels® seat covers are specially designed with you and your vehicle in mind.

Our Sheepskins Car Seat Covers offer:

Refined Luxury

Ultra-soft, dense 25mm sheepskin wool for supreme comfort.

Excellent Durability

Hard-wearing styles that will last for years and years.

Uncompromising Quality

Sheepskins treated by the finest tanning processes coupled with hand-crafted care.

Thoughtful Design

Does not interfere with the existing features of your vehicles seats such as deployment of side impact airbags, electric seat movements, adjustable head rests, arm rests, and rear seat split-folds.

Safety First

Your seat covers will not interfere with the deployment of side impact airbags, this is assured through our innovative construction.

Comfortable Ride

Sheepskin is a natural insulator thus keeps you cool on hot days, and warm on cold days

Fatigue Reducing

Long journeys can be less tiring, your back will thank you.

Professional Installation

Better fit means minimal movement of seat covers and greater seat and upholstery protection.

Low Maintenance

Your seat covers will serve you, not the other way round, and this is achieved through quality materials, tailored designs, and superb fitting.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Peace of mind with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and 3 years materials warranty on custom made seat covers, 1 year materials warranty on multi fit seat covers.

Customer Choice

Custom Made or Multi Fit, many colours, no choice though on quality, only the finest.

User Friendly

Easy to remove, and are both machine washable and dry cleanable. How convenient!

Get a Custom Quote

Prices stated online are starting prices only for the standard front bucket seats. There are additional charges (at our discretion) for front sports seats, extra large seats, arm rests, DVD players in the headrests or any known difficult vehicles. Back seat cover prices are more than front seat cover prices and price will depend on the vehicle.

There will be no mail orders for back seat covers. Vehicles must be booked into our factory at Thornton for the making and fitting of back seat covers.


Please call to make a booking 02 4966 0990 and plan ahead as we are usually booked out at least two weeks in advance. Monday-Friday only. Allow a half day for front or back seats or a full day for both front and back. Please review our vehicle preparation instructions (clean and clutter free) as below, please postpone if you are sick.

Contact us here for more information:

Please supply us with all the details of your vehicle, including the Make, Model, Badge, Year, and whether your vehicle has leather or fabric upholstery, side impact airbags that deploy from the seats, arm rests, or DVD players in the headrests. Lack of your vehicles information supplied to us will extend the process.

Multi-Fit Seat Cover

$420 AUD

Designed to fit most standard bucket seats, headrests are covered separately, lined for upholstery protection, are airbag compatible and manufactured from 25mm deep wool pile sheepskins with acrylic on sides and back. Can be purchased online.

Deluxe Seat Cover

From $795 AUD

Custom made to the contours of your seats, headrests are covered separately, side impact airbag compatible, fully lined to protect the seats upholstery and boasts 25mm deep wool pile with acrylic on sides and back of covers. Priced from $795 a pair for standard front bucket seats. Made to order, bookings essential, and cannot be purchased online.

Ultimate Seat Cover

From $1295 AUD

Boasts 25mm deep wool pile front, sides and back, no acrylic anywhere. Tailored to the contours of the seats, including head rests covered separately, lined to protect the upholstery, and are side impact airbag compatible. Booking essential at our factory at Thornton, no mail orders. Priced from $1295 a pair for standard front bucket seats.

Motorbike Seat Cover

From $350 AUD

is custom made to suit any motorcycle, manufactured from first-grade 25mm deep wool pile sheepskins. They are easy to remove and are machine washable, excellent for long journeys with added comfort and help reduce fatigue. To ensure a perfect fit, we require the seat at our premises in Thornton for pattern, making and fitting, sorry no mail orders

Car Seat Cover Fitting - Vehicle Preparation

Below are the prerequisites for the installation of seat covers. Before proceeding with the seat cover installation, the CUSTOMER must:

Remove ALL loose items from the floors, front and back, including under the seats

Remove ALL loose items from the back seat including child seats

Remove old seat covers if applicable

Vacuum the floors and seats

Customers are kindly requested to reschedule their appointments in the event of experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms or gastrointestinal distress. Additionally, we may apply a disinfectant, such as Glen 20, to your vehicle to safeguard the well-being of our staff or, if we suspect potential risks to our staff, we may decline the seat cover installation.

We also retain the right to decline seat cover installation if the vehicle is not properly prepared, clean, or free of clutter.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Please be reminded that BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL for all seat cover fittings, and these installations are exclusively available at our factory located in Thornton, from Monday to Friday.

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