Footwear FAQ

  • I'm confused, is UGG a brand or a product type?

    To all Australians, UGG is a product type, a generic term to used to describe sheepskin boots and there are dozens of UGG brands. Our brand in Mortels UGG.

    Some UGG facts:

    • The only "fake" UGGs are ones that are not made of sheepskin.
    • Most UGG brands are made in China.
    • Mortels UGG is made in NSW, Australia
    • UGG on the boot does not denote quality, it is just the name of the product.
    • UGG as a standalone word is a registered trademark in all countries in the world except Australia so outside Australia no sheepskin boots can be sold with UGG branded on them accept for one brand being Deckers Outdoor Corporation of the USA
    • No other product but sheepskin boots is an UGG. Australians laugh at this notion that UGG could be anything else but a sheepskin boot.

    We brand our boots as "Mortels" because "Mortels" is exclusive to us to denotes high quality Australian made from Australian sheepskin.

  • How do I select the correct size?

    Sheepskin is one of those unusual materials of which there is no equivalent. Most people know that leather shoes stretch, well with sheepskin shoes this happens even more so. A good fit means the shoe is nice and firm - almost to the point of being a little uncomfortable due to the fact that they will stretch.

    When selecting your sheepskin footwear, it's important to consider a few key factors for the perfect fit. Unlike other materials, sheepskin has unique properties that make sizing a bit different.

    1. Firm Fit: Aim for a snug fit that might feel a tad tight at first. Sheepskin shoes stretch significantly, so a firm fit ensures the wool compress and the skin conforms to your foot shape naturally. 
    2. Try Barefoot: It's best to try sheepskin footwear without socks. The wool and socks together are very grippy and will give you a false indication of size and tightness, (even thin socks and tights).
    3. Avoid Oversizing: Buying larger for initial comfort leads to slipping and premature wear. Also oversizing can lead to greater and unnecessary stretching due to excessive slipping. A snug fit prevents excess slippage rubbing of the wool and helps maintains the integrity of the footwear.
    4. Measure for Accuracy: Use the soles of your existing shoes as a guide. If your sheepskin footwear measures shorter, they're too small; if the same, they're just right. Longer indicates potential roominess after stretching.
    5. No Extra Length Needed: Our sheepskin footwear design already accounts for wool density, so no need to add extra length for sizing.

    Remember, sheepskin stretches considerably, so prioritize a snug initial fit for long-lasting comfort and durability.

  • Does any brand of sheepskin footwear stretch?

    Absolutely! Sheepskin, renowned for its unparalleled softness, possesses a remarkable stretching capability akin to ordinary leather shoes, if not more so. However, not all brands are created equal in this regard. The extent of stretch largely depends on the grading of the sheepskins utilized.

    Lower graded sheepskins, characterized by thinner pelts, tend to offer greater stretch. Yet, caution is warranted as these skins are more prone to tearing. At our brand, we exclusively source the highest-grade sheepskins for all our products. This commitment ensures maximum product longevity, unparalleled comfort, luxurious aesthetics, and fosters enduring customer satisfaction. We aim to create products that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations, making them customers for life.

  • Are UGG boots waterproof?

    UGG boots, made from genuine sheepskin, aren't inherently waterproof but do offer excellent water resistance due to the properties of the material. It takes considerable moisture to penetrate both the outer skin and the wool lining. For enhanced protection, it's advisable to treat them with a leather and suede water repellent. Applying two coats when the boots are new, and reapplying after exposure to moisture, helps maintain their water resistance and guards against stains. However, it's important to note that while this treatment adds a degree of waterproofing, it's not foolproof, especially in heavy or prolonged wet conditions.

  • Can I wear UGG boots hiking, camping or in the bush?

    Consideration should be taken when opting to wear UGG boots for hiking, camping, or bushwalking adventures. Sheepskin, the material of UGG boots, is inherently soft and vulnerable to damage from rough terrain. The risk of twigs, branches, and sharp rocks catching the delicate leather is heightened during such activities, potentially leading to tearing or other forms of damage. Even with sturdy soles, the softness of the leather leaves it susceptible to tearing under significant force.

  • How long will the UGGs and slippers last?

    Predicting the lifespan of your UGGs and slippers is akin to forecasting the mileage of car tyres — it varies greatly depending on several factors. Each individual wears their footwear differently, influenced by factors like environment, frequency of wear, usage conditions, personal habits, and care routines. While some may enjoy a decade of use from a single pair, others might find themselves needing a replacement annually.

    It's crucial to recognize that sheepskin footwear, while luxurious, is a delicate material. An analogy to consider is how car tyres wear out over a set distance, regardless of how quickly or slowly that distance is covered, and the surfaces in which it is driven. Another example, a person who primarily uses a wheelchair will likely see less wear on their UGGs compared to someone who walks regularly.

    To extend the lifespan of your sheepskin footwear, adhere to these guidelines:

    • Avoid exposing them to wet conditions such as wet grass, snow, or mud, as excessive moisture can expedite deterioration.
    • Allow them to fully dry before wearing them again, as frequent and excessive wetness can cause the soles to detach from the uppers.
    • Refrain from engaging in strenuous activities or work while wearing them, as this can lead to premature wear and tear.
    • Remove using your hands, not toe to heel, to avoid tearing the sole away from the upper with this repetitive action.
    • Keep toenails short so as not to cut thru the sheepskin with your nails resulting in a toe blow-out.
    • Be mindful of your environment, dogs can enjoy a nibble and chew  on sheepskin footwear.
    • If you feel overheated, it's best to remove them, as they are not suitable for warm weather.
    • Avoid transferring smells from other shoes by placing clean dry feet only into your sheepskin footwear.
    • Always buy sheepskin footwear in the correct size, both too loose and too tight can cause toe blow-outs (holes caused from toes).
    • Store UGG boots away from a damp rid product as the natural moisture will be drawn out of your boots and your boots will shrivel up. Store UGG boots in a low humidity area as humidity can cause the rugged workwear style (TPR) soles to crack.
    • And most importantly, don't wear socks with them if you live in milder areas of Australia, socks really aren’t needed and could cause overheating and sweaty smelly feet.

    Ultimately, the lifespan of your UGGs and slippers depends on how well you care for them and how they fit into your lifestyle. By following these tips and treating your sheepskin footwear with care, you can maximize their longevity and enjoy their luxurious comfort for years to come.


  • Why shouldn't I wear socks with my UGG boots?

    When contemplating whether to wear socks with your UGG boots, it's important to consider the climate and the functionality of the sheepskin. In many of Australia's cities, the daytime winter temperatures may not necessitate wearing socks. Opting out of socks allows the sheepskin to effectively regulate temperature and moisture, keeping your feet comfortably warm and dry.

    However, wearing socks with UGG boots can lead to overheating, as they inhibit the natural breathability of the sheepskin. This can trap heat and moisture within the boots, particularly in the innersole area. Over time, this trapped moisture can contribute to unpleasant odours, as well as potentially fostering the growth of mold and causing deterioration between the innersole and outer sole.

    While these issues may not be immediately apparent, they can manifest over time, leading to the degradation of the boots. Therefore, it's advisable to let your UGG boots breathe freely by wearing them without socks, particularly in milder winter climates where additional insulation isn't necessary.

  • How do I keep my UGGs and slippers clean?

    To maintain the pristine condition of your beloved UGGs and slippers, follow these expert tips:

    • Preventive Measures: Before stepping out in your new footwear, shield them with two coats of a leather and suede water repellent like UGG Water Repellent or Waproo Suede and Leather Water Repellent. This not only minimizes dirt and grime accumulation but also enhances waterproofing. Remember, after they've been exposed to moisture, reapply another coat once they're dry.
    • Gentle Hand Washing: When it's time to refresh your sheepskin wonders, a careful hand wash is preferable. Utilize sheepskin shampoo and conditioner in cold to lukewarm water, ensuring not to soak or fully submerge them. Employ a soft brush or sponge in the washing process. If they've gotten a bit too wet, a brief spin cycle in the washing machine can help eliminate excess water. Then, allow them to air dry away from direct heat sources to prevent any unwanted shrinking.
    • Machine Washing: First, and if possible, remove the innersole from your UGG boots and place in machine with your UGG boots. Note. Slippers do not have removable innersoles. Utilize sheepskin shampoo and conditioner lukewarm water and set a delicate cycle. After removing from the machine, fill the boots or slippers with hand cloth or paper towels to help them maintain their shape through the drying process. Then, allow them to air dry away from direct heat sources to prevent any unwanted shrinking. If you have noticed a slight shrinkage, with wear they will stretch again.
    • Speedy Clean: Inside, tackle the woolly side and bottom with your vacuum hose to suck up debris and restore the pile. Sprinkle powder beforehand to absorb moisture and prevent odours. Remember to remove your feet before cleaning! Outside, use a baby skincare or makeup removing wipe (alcohol-free) on the skin side, following the nap/grain direction. Repeat three times for each boot. Let the skin air dry completely, which may take up to 6 hours. Avoid wiping against the grain to prevent a prickly texture when dry. Finish with rain/stain guard. Avoid heat sources for drying. Easy and effective!
    • Odour and Moisture Control: Keep your footwear smelling fresh and feeling dry by occasionally applying baby powder through the wool. After allowing it to absorb odours and moisture, simply shake or vacuum the excess out.
    • Cautions: Avoid the temptation to speed up the drying process with a dryer, oven, microwave (yes this has actually been attempted!), fireplace, or heaters. Such attempts can lead to unfavourable outcomes! Shrinkage and melting of soles.


    Restoring and Maintaining Innersoles in UGGs:

    1. For Removeable Innersole Fluffs:
    • If your UGGs have removeable innersole fluffs, gently pull them out for cleaning or brushing.
    • Wash them if necessary, or use a brush to restore the flattened wool pile and loosen any clumps.
    1. For Non-Removeable Innersole Fluffs:
    • If the innersole fluffs are not removeable, utilize a stiff bristle brush inside the footwear.
    • Brush the inside to restore the wool pile and loosen any clumps.
    1. Alternative Method for Non-Removeable Innersole Fluffs:
    • Alternatively, if the innersoles are not removable, use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment.
    • Insert the nozzle inside the footwear to clean out any grit and restore the wool pile.
    1. Replacement Innersoles:
    • Consider replacing innersoles when the wool pile is significantly reduced through wear to a bare minimum.
    • New innersoles can help maintain comfort and support for your feet, especially if the original wool pile is worn out.


    Managing Stains on Your UGG Boots:

    No matter how vigilant you are, spills and stains on your beloved UGG boots can occasionally occur. Here’s how to effectively tackle different types of stains:

    1. Grease Stains:
    • Sprinkle white chalk or cornstarch generously over the affected area.
    • Gently massage the powder into the stain using the bottom of your hand or thumb.
    • Afterward, wipe away any remaining chalk residue with a clean, dry cloth.
    1. Blood Stains:
    • Allow the blood to dry completely.
    • Dampen a cotton wool ball or pad with micellar water and gently dab at the stained area.
    • If the stain persists, allow the boots to dry thoroughly before repeating the process.
    1. Wine Stains:
    • Treat wine stains promptly by pouring white vinegar onto a clean cloth.
    • Gently dab and wipe the stained area with the vinegar-soaked cloth.
    • Allow the boots to dry naturally.
    • Once dry, use a suede brush or pencil eraser to gently remove any remaining traces of the stain.
    1. Ink Stains:
    • Use a pencil eraser to gently rub over the ink stain, following the direction of the nap.
    • Avoid rubbing back and forth, as this can spread the ink.
    • Repeat the process until the desired result is achieved.
    1. Water Stains: Surprisingly, water can be your ally in removing water stains.
    • Dampen your suede brush slightly. Gently apply a light layer of water to the entire surface of your UGG boot, ensuring the water stain is thoroughly saturated.
    • Next, delicately dab the suede with a clean cloth to evenly distribute the moisture across the shoe.
    • Allow your boots to air dry naturally. Once dried apply a suede water repellent to avoid future staining.


    • Washing and cleaning is done at your own risk with a little commonsense.
    • Excessive scrubbing will damage the skin and rubbing stains can make the stains bigger. Dab stains and gently rub skin to clean.
    • You will notice once the footwear has dried that they have shrunk slightly but this is normal. After wearing them again, they will go back to the normal warm and comfortable state that you love so much.
    • Washing will cause the colours may fade or run especially the darker dyes.

    By following these care instructions diligently, you'll ensure your UGGs and slippers stay cozy, clean, and comfortable for many seasons to come.

  • How do I remove mould from my UGG Boots and Slippers?
    1. Preparation:
    • Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
    • Add a teaspoon each of detergent and tea tree oil to the mixture.
    • Shake the bottle well to ensure thorough mixing.
    1. Application:
    • Spray the solution onto the boots, ensuring both the skin and wool interiors are evenly moistened.
    • Allow the boots to air dry completely in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct heat sources.
    1. Mold Removal:
    • Once dry, use a damp cloth or baby wipe to gently wipe away any visible mold on the exterior skin of the boots.
    • For the interior wool, vacuum or use a brush to remove any remaining mold, followed by a gentle shake to dislodge debris.
    1. Washing (If Necessary):
    • If mold persists or a moldy odour lingers, washing may be required.
    • Place the boots (with removable insoles, if applicable) in a laundry bag suitable for delicates.
    • Use a wool cycle and lukewarm water in the washing machine.
    • Only use Woolskin sheepskin shampoo and conditioner to avoid damaging the skin.
    • After washing, spin on a high setting and allow the boots and insoles to air dry thoroughly away from direct heat, including sunlight.
    1. Optional Protection:
    • Consider using a protective spray from the UGG Boot Care Kit after washing and drying.
    • This spray contains anti-mold properties and acts as a water and stain guard to prolong the life of your boots.

    Note: Woolskin contains tea tree oil, known for its antibacterial properties, enhancing the cleaning process.

    For quality sheepskin wash and other UGG care products, you can visit the following links:

  • Are the dyes colourfast?

    While our products are crafted with care, it's important to note that like any strongly dyed fabrics, some colour loss and fading may occur over time. For footwear made from BLACK or DARK COLORED sheepskins, wearing them over light-colored clothing or socks, the dye from the wool may transfer onto these fabrics.

    Individuals with sensitive skin should avoid BLACK or DARK COLORED sheepskin footwear to prevent potential irritation caused by dye migration. It's worth mentioning that skin irritation from dye migration is rare, but it's best to err on the side of caution, especially if you've experienced dye-related irritations in the past.

    Dye migration onto the skin from BLACK wool is relatively common. To prevent any unwanted transfer, BLACK or DARK COLORED sheepskins should be kept away from household furnishings such as carpets or lounges, as well as leather furnishings like lounges or ottomans. The dye from the hide may transfer onto these surfaces, leading to staining.

    Please note that the extent of dye migration or transfer can vary from person to person, and it may persist for weeks, months, or even years.

    As a reminder, the manufacturer cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from footwear use that does not adhere to the provided instructions. It's important to understand that dye migration is not considered a manufacturing or material defect. Therefore, we do not accept exchanges or returns for footwear that is not in its original new condition.

    Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we appreciate your attention to these guidelines to ensure the longevity and enjoyment of your footwear.

  • Do you give any warranty on footwear?

    We stand firmly behind the quality of our products, offering an unwavering guarantee. Our commitment assures you that our products are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, free from any material defects or faulty workmanship. In the rare instance where a defect may evade detection prior to sale, it will become apparent within 90 days. Should this occur, you are entitled to a full refund or exchange, covering 100% of the purchase price.

    It's important to note that our warranty excludes wear and tear, as it is a natural consequence of use. Additionally, certain characteristics inherent in sheepskin and wool, such as fading and colour variations, are not considered defects but rather unique traits of these natural materials.

    Should you encounter any issues with your footwear within the 90-day period, please reach out to us for guidance on the return process. However, if upon inspection the footwear is found to exhibit signs of wear rather than manufacturing defects, the cost of return shipping will be your responsibility.

    Our warranty does not cover wear and tear issues, regardless of the footwear’s age, limited but not limited to: physical characteristics that accelerate wear and tear (UGGs and slippers are not supportive footwear), toe blow-outs, mould or rot, stretching (which is natural), intentional or accidental damage, or excessive wear resulting from extraordinary circumstances.

    It's crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's care and cleaning recommendations to maintain the validity of the warranty. Failure to do so may result in the warranty becoming void, regardless of the footwear's age.

  • What is your return policy?

    We are happy to exchange size, colour or style on the basis that the returned item is in original new condition accompanied with proof of purchase. Additional cost may apply if changing to a different style or size. Returned postage is at your cost.

    Should you need to exchange your order, within 30 days of receiving it, please follow the directions given once you have contacted us. Footwear returned to us must be in original new condition. If we are not able to accept the returned footwear for exchange based on evidence of worn, stretching or stains, then the footwear will be return to you at your cost.

    Sorry, we cannot exchange worn or stretched footwear or after wear and tear. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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