Update - 2021

BEWARE of uggs.com.au

It is happening again (actually every year) but this time it is not a China company but a company in Victoria Australia that is using our brand name and reputation to sell their products on their Australian website. Once on their website they make no mention of us, they are stating their product is Australian made but we are doubtful of the legitimacy of anything on their website because of their Google ads published all over Australia stating in large, red and bold text, Mortels Sheepskin Factory with tag lines such as "ugg boots sale - up to 50% off - Australian Made - Aussie Uggs. If they can so blatantly lie in these advertisements and on Google they can easily and blatantly lie in their own website and to their customers. It is so disappointing to learn Australian people can be so dishonest for commercial advantage, we would expect better from our own.

Our products can only be bought from our two stores, Thornton and Warners Bay and our one and only website

Don't be caught out buying inferior products from dodgy businesses in which you may or may not get your product ordered and paid for.

Update - 2013

China consumers beware! Mortels branded boots are being sold in China through Taobao, www.mortelsaustralia.cn and www.aliexpress.com. These sites and the "Mortels" branded products are not Made in Australia, never have been. The company behind these sites/listings are NOT Australian, never have been. This company has NOT been in business since 1950, only since 2010. We, Mortels Sheepskin Factory Pty Ltd, Australia, have nothing to do with this website and the company that has copied our brand.

All consumers beware! Mortels branded boots that are being made in China by the above mentioned Chinese company are making styles of ugg boots that are trimmed with dog fur. Dogs are farmed and skinned in China and their fur is used in both the ugg boot and clothing industries in China. WE ARE IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE DOG FUR TRADE AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANY. We are appalled and disgusted by this horrific barbaric industry and never have, and never will, use dog fur (or any other animal fur) in our manufacturing. We use sheepskin only as well as leather and suede, all by-products from our Australian meat industry.

These fancy styles of ugg boots trimmed with the beautiful soft dog fur are being sold in Australia! We do not sell these styles but they are being sold in many retail stores around the country particularly in our capital cities. The store keepers will tell you that the fur is either synthetic, fox or possum fur however this is simply not true. The store keepers are not to be blamed for these lies as they are not manufacturers and they are told by their suppliers and therefore have no proof either way. Although dog fur is banned in Australia, these imported ugg boots are passing through customs and ending up in stores.

The farmed dogs in China are not referred to as dogs by the Chinese but are referred to as foxes and the Chinese genuinely believe the dogs to be foxes. The breed of animal is "Raccoon Dog" and either way whether they be dog or fox they are still farmed and treated with unimaginable cruelty. Consumers purchasing these styles of ugg boots trimmed with fur are supporting the ongoing trade of cruelty.

We appeal to all consumers worldwide to not purchase any fur trimmed ugg boots but also any fur clothing that is made in China. Force the closure of the farms by diminishing the demand.

Counterfeit Products
and Identity Theft

Mortels® brand is becoming increasingly recognised with high regard throughout the world. We always strive to conduct business with utmost integrity and in accordance with the law.

Increased awareness of our name and brand has brought about individuals and companies that believe they are above the law by producing products using our brand as well as claiming to be us in our entirety. They have copied our name, claimed our history and story to be theirs, and claimed our country of origin and current location, Australia, to also be their country of origin and current location. We know for a fact that these individuals are foreign nationals that reside outside of Australia. We also know that they have conducted this activity using Australian registered companies and gained Australian domain names (websites ending with .com.au) and done so with complete disregard for Australian law.

www.mortels.com.au is the official website for Mortels Sheepskin Factory Pty Ltd, registered and protected owner of our Trade Mark brand "Mortels"; manufacturers and retailers since 1958. As such genuine Mortels® products including genuine Mortels® ugg boots can only be purchased online through this website.

To ensure you purchase only genuine Mortels® products, please remember that they can only be purchased at:

* Mortels® Sheepskin Factory retail stores and official online website

Mortels® products are not available through individuals, street vendors, unauthorised markets sellers, unauthorised retail locations or any unauthorised website.

We strongly urge all internet consumers to carefully research any website and the company behind the website thoroughly before purchasing anything online. If you purchase from a dodgy website, fraudulant or counterfeit website you can face problems such as; paying for items and never receiving them, receiving the wrong goods or faulty products, or quality just not up to standards. Victims of these problems almost always report that the website from which they purchased those items will not reply to emails, do not have a landline phone contact (or number listed does not exist) and do not have a physical address listed (or have an address listed that does not exist) so therefore victims are left without product and out of pocket and no means in which to communicate with the perpetrators/internet scammers/counterfeiters.

We strongly urge all internet consumers to only buy ugg boots on the internet from online retailers that you can physically turn up on the companys door step to hold the seller accountable, if need be, for the purchase you have made. Only then can you be sure you are purchasing safely with your hard earnt money. The ugg boot industry is rife with counterfeit, fraud and scammers since ugg boots have become so internationally popular, buyer beware!

If you think you have seen or purchased a counterfeit Mortels® product, we would greatly appreciate your help by reporting the incident, store or website to our company. We are unable to reimburse money used to purchase counterfeit products or to assist with disputes with unauthorised retailers or websites, however, by locating counterfeiters we are able to take legal action against them to help prevent future incidences.

Mortels, since 1958.
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