NOVEMBER 2023 ... BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY promo commences 23rd November 2023 and finishes Monday 27th November.

FREE STUBBIE UGG when you purchase a pair of slippers or UGGs from extensive range. Choose from our large range of colours, sizing up to a massive US Men's 19 (Short Bound UGG or Size 16 in Classic UGGs), and 4 leg lengths/heights.

FREE Stubbie UGG only applicable to items that have the FREE Gift Icon

Customer Questions that arise when we have a free gift promotion …

What about other product purchases, can I have a free stubbie ugg with that too? No, only with the products that we have chosen and indicated by the FREE Gift Icon.

I purchased an eligible product prior to the commencement of the offer, can I still have a free stubbie ugg though because I didn’t know to wait, and you didn’t tell me it was coming up? As much as we’d love to give away our product all the time, if we did, we wouldn’t have survived 65 years in business, and offers and sales come around for a reason with all companies, we’ve all missed many and always will, but there never is retrospective … especially cheaper petrol which was two days ago! However, never miss a promotion or sale again, subscribe today to ensure you are included with all those that are notified first.

I missed last month's offer so can I have that one instead of this one? As much as we’d love to say yes, it's just not always possible. Can you image if everyone asked for a previous free item or discount from an old promotion?! We really can't give away our products willy-nilly and expect to continue to be in business for the long term. Anyhoo, promotions are created around specific events and times and as such there is careful planning to allow for what we need and when we need it, such as free items. And when the promotions are finished we need to ensure we have stock of those items to sell, after all we do need cashflow to pay our staff and all our bills. So, never miss a promotion or sale again, subscribe today to ensure you are included with all those that are notified first and always purchase online or in store during the promotional period to avoid disappointment.



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Please note the following; $15 flat rate shipping does not apply to Car Seat Covers or Bed Underlays and parcels weighing over 4kg. Shipping is calculated for these items based on weight and delivery location.

Backorders are in production up to 7 business days for uggies and slippers (unless item description specifies otherwise). Other products a little longer, up to 14 business days (unless item description specifies otherwise). Thank you for your patience and understanding. The short wait will be worth it!








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