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4th August 2020

What a roller coaster this winter has been. Our stock levels have been depleted once again and so most uggies and slippers are now on "backorder". This means up to 3 weeks to be made and dispatched and this includes orders for click and collect. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay safe!


Mortels Team


11th July 2020

Happy middle of Winter! Demand is still high but we are pleased to report we have been able to build our stock levels up again as our manufacturing Team are working extraordinary hours so no one will go cold this winter. We sill have uggies and slippers listed as "backorder" and so those will be made for you but we do have Classic Mid UGGs, Classic Long UGGs, Classic Long Laced UGGs and Ruby scuffs back in stock in many colours. Dispatch of our in stock products will be within 3 business days and backorder now down to 14 days.

Thank you as always for supporting local and Australian made.


Mortels Team


11th June 2020

We are continuing to manufacture our slippers and ugg boots 6 days a week and the demand continues to be high. You can order most of our uggies and slippers, note that they say "backorder" meaning we don't have them in stock and they will be made to order however as stock is finished daily and on the shelves in our stores straight away if what you have ordered is already on the production line a pair will be snapped up and allocated to your order. Ordering is still a guaranteed way of getting the style and size in the colour you want rather than waiting for stock to reach our stores as our uggies and slippers sell the same day they reach our shelves so what we have today will not be available tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your feet will thank you too.


Mortels Team


1st June 2020

Our uggies and slippers are continuing to sell through our stores as fast as we can make them so we have a limited range available for order through our website. If you are happy to wait 3 weeks for dispatch we are happy to make your uggies or slippers to order. Please note our uggies and slippers are handmade and cannot be rushed and click and collect does not jump the queue. All orders are made in turn with the utmost of care.

Happy winter, Happy days.


Mortels Team


14th May 2020

The demand for our slippers and ugg boots has been unbelievably high, nothing like we have ever experienced before and despite our usual pre-season stocking up on products no amount of planning or preparation over the summer months could have foreseen this extraordinary event we are all going through as well as the level of madness and demand for our product. We are not alone, as the entire sheepskin industry is in the same situation.

We are both humbled and grateful for the overwhelming support for our business and the demand for our Australian Made products.

Back in March when restrictions came into place we were uncertain of our future, whether we would be even able to remain open and were concerned that without our winter trade would we survive beyond. We are blessed to have been able to continue to trade and our Team has continuing employment.

Today we have paused our internet sales. As disappointing as this is for many we have a backlog of orders and will not be able to dispatch any orders for 3 weeks. This may not sound too long however Australia’s postal and courier services are also overwhelmed and are taking up to 3 weeks to deliver within NSW and longer to other states. We are getting yelled at right now when people are eagerly waiting for their warmth and comfort to arrive … it is impossible for us to improve on the delivery time of a 3rd party service.

Our 2 retail stores remain open where people can choose from what we do have in stock or are able to order whilst in store for pick up at a later date.

We hope to enable our internet footwear sales again towards the end of this month when our stock levels have improved and the backlog of orders have been filled.

We prefer to inform straight up rather than take your order, build your expectations and let them down when you are waiting for product to arrive. And our staff don’t deserve to be yelled at.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We will be back to online orders soon!

All the best,

Tony & Stephanie Mortel