Brands and Affiliates

Brands and Affiliates

Footwear Brands

In our stores we stock a number of brands of sheepskin footwear.
These brands include;

Our own, "Mortels", made from 100% Australian Sheepskin and 100% Australian made in our factory at Thornton, NSW (lower Hunter Valley). We've been making our own brand of uggies since 1958.

Please note, between 2012 and 2017, 3 styles being Bruce UGG, Alpine UGG, & Buckle UGG were Made in China and branded "Mortels" and tagged Made in China. Since 2017, no Mortels branded UGG boots are made in China.

Shearers Way, designed and Quality Control by us - made in China from 100% Australian Sheepskin, true story because we supply the factories with our sheepskins which we source directly from Australian abattoirs and tanned using our exclusive formulas and methods.

Emu Australia is an Australian lifestyle brand that designs, produces and markets footwear and accessories. The brand is best known for their sheepskin and merino wool products. They make basic UGG boot styles in their factory in Geelong, Victoria, and the majority of their styles are high quality fashion styles which are made in China.

Why do we stock other brands?
Simple ... CHOICE and VARIETY for our customers.


Mortels® are proud innovators of low impacting tanning methods. Mortels® ChemSafe™ method uses advanced environmentally friendly and health conscious tanning processes which delivers sheepskins that are free from harmful compounds. Furthermore Mortels® sheepskins are laboratory tested to ensure chemical and dye levels are safe for you and your family. Now that’s peace of mind!


Mortels® are proud innovators of ecologically friendly tanning methods. Mortels® EnviroTan® method uses advanced environmentally friendly tanning processes which delivers sheepskins that are free from harming chemicals thus a safe process and product for the environment.

Now that’s peace of mind!

Australian Made and Owned

Mortels® are proud to be a licensee of the Australian Made Campaign. Mortels® have been owned by Australians, employing Australians and manufacturing in Australia since 1958.

Australian Sheepskin Association

Mortels® are one of the founding members of the Australian Sheepskin Association; formed in 2004 when American company Deckers Outdoor Corporation (owner of UGG Australia brand) threatened many Australian manufacturers of ugg boots with legal action if they did not cease calling their sheepskin boots by their common name "ugg boots".

Today the Australian Sheepskin Association exists to promote, serve and protect the Australian ugg boot industry, its product and workforce.

Airbag Compatability

All Mortels® car seat covers have been developed and are made so that in the event of a car accident, are specially designed seat covers will allow the side impact airbags to deploy.

Australian Owned

Triple Star Rated

Verified 100% Australian Owned

Production and services conducted in Australia

Mortels, since 1958.
Proudly Australian owned, grown and made ... Naturally!

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