Bitza UGG Boots are made from the off-cuts of our sheepskin footwear manufacturing, therefore made from the same materials and processed the same as our other footwear styles.

We often refer to them as our factory 2nds meaning the 2nd cut of our sheepskins. So rarely two pair are ever the same!

All of our Mortels® Bitza UGG items:

Bitza UGG Boots
Bitza UGG
Kiddies Bitza UGG Boots
Bitza UGG - Child Sizes
Bitza Sheepy Slides

Mortels® Bitza UGG features:

Mortels® A-Grade Australian Sheepskin upper and innersole
EVA hard-wearing but lightweight flexible sole
Suede heel support for greater abrasion resistance
Australian Made

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